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Home Furniture

From bedrooms to living rooms, garden furniture and kitchens. At Gruppo Inventa you will find a vast selection of furniture from contemporary to modern and by the best brands in the market.

Contract Furniture

Gruppo Inventa is the ideal partner for all your business leads, be it a hotel, a bed and breakfast, shops, large open spaces, community centres and public entities.

Office Furniture

Elegant and refined offices are catered for at Gruppo Inventa. We also offer all shapes and sizes of office furniture to fill your office up to the highest standards

Outdoor Furniture

Furnishing the great outdoors with taste EUR" that is the objective of the Outdoor Division of Gruppo Inventa EUR" open spaces, pool furniture and design chairs.

Our new showroom in Pozzallo is 2 minutes away from the port.

Dall'idea al progetto

An idea, or perhaps an intuition of Emanuele EUR" to create that which never was, thinking of a new concept of living and of revolutionising the manner of furnishing

La realizzazione

Although several challenges and obstacles were faced, the dream and determination never faltered to eventually reach the ultimate goal.


With the gentleness and wisdom of a good father, Emanuele saw his dream realised, never leaving it just like bringing up a child.


And here we are, with all your friends and partners. All the best Emanuele, your dream has become reality on the 8th of December 2012.

From Valletta to Pozzallo with Virtu Ferries: only 90min!